Val-Matic Resilite Combination Air Valves

Val-Matic Resilite Combination Air Valves

Solving Water System Challenges: How Val-Matic Resilite Combination Air Valves Lead the Way

The water supply distribution system consists of pipelines that help get water and wastewater from point A to B. Purging air from the pipeline is necessary because trapped air significantly reduces pump and/or pipeline efficiency and life. Today, municipalities use a variety of automatic air valves at the pump discharge and along the pipeline to prevent catastrophic pipe failure.

There are three basic types of air valves standardized in the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standard C512-15:

  • Air Release
    • Releases relatively small quantities of air from a pressurized line as needed
    • Also known as a small orifice air valve or air relief valve
  • Air/Vacuum
    • Discharges large quantities of air from non-pressurized pipes and are used mainly when filling a line
    • Also makes it possible to admit large quantities of air when lines are drained and when the pressure drops suddenly
    • Also known as a large orifice air valve, air/vac valve, or well service valve
  • Combination Air Valve
    • Fulfills the tasks required of both types of valves – air release and air/vacuum
    • Discharges or intakes large volumes of air when filling or emptying a system and releases small volumes of air when the line is pressurized as needed
    • Also known as a dual orifice valve, two action valve, or single body combination valve

At A.Y. McDonald, we're committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the highest industry standards. That’s why we're excited to introduce the Val-Matic Resilite Combination Air Valve, meticulously designed to meet the performance requirements of the AWWA C512-15 standard and is optimized for use with clean water.

Crafted from corrosion-resistant materials, our Resilite Combination Air Valves ensure longevity and reliability. With full-ported flow areas maintained throughout and NPT threaded connections, these valves guarantee seamless operation and easy installation. Plus, stringent testing procedures are underway, to ensure uncompromised quality, with the NSF 61 Certification.

The Val-Matic Resilite Combination Air Valves offer unparalleled operational efficiency. They serve the dual functions of Air Release and Air/Vacuum Valves, making them versatile additions to any water system. These valves effectively exhaust large quantities of air during system startup, release air pockets during operation, and admit air during shutdown.

The American made Resilite Combination Air Valve boasts a host of features designed to optimize performance and reliability:

  • Single body design: Integrates both Air Release and Air/Vacuum Valve functions within one valve, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.
  • Compact and lightweight (ONLY 5 lbs!): Easy to handle and install, without compromising on performance.
  • Full-ported flow area: Maintained throughout the valve, ensuring smooth flow, and minimizing pressure drop.
  • Integrated debris screen: Prevents debris from entering the valve, reducing the risk of blockages, and ensuring uninterrupted operation.


The Val-Matic Resilite Combination Air Valve represents efficiency, reliability, and performance in water system components. Whether you're looking to optimize air release, prevent vacuum formation, or ensure smooth flow, these valves are the total package. Trust A.Y. McDonald for all your water system needs and experience the difference that quality makes. To learn more about this solution, call our customer service department at 1-800-277-2737 or visit